Dear State Association Leader:

Later this September the chiropractic profession will celebrate Founder’s Day, traditionally recognized to be September 18th, when Dr. Daniel David Palmer administered the first chiropractic adjustment. The miraculous growth and global development of the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic that flowed from this single act is truly one of the great health care success stories of modern times. Why do we celebrate this day? Because of the discoveries of Dr. Palmer, foremost of which was the vertebral subluxation. The awareness of the spinal subluxation is the foundation of chiropractic science. The adjustment to correct the subluxation is the cornerstone of chiropractic practice. 

In recognition of the unique place subluxation has in the world of health and health care, the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association has designated the week each September closest to our Founder’s Day date, as Subluxation Awareness Week. In 2001, we will celebrate the inaugural effort and we are asking the support of your organization, this year and in all future years as we all work to build public awareness of chiropractic and the unique and powerful services the doctor of chiropractic provides.

In announcing this new public health educational effort, The Board of Directors of the ICA issued the following proclamation:

of the

 The officers and members of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) understand the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation on health and well-being.

 The officers and members of the ICA further understand the advantages and benefits of a life free of subluxation. These advantages include maximum potential in health, performance, human potential and social well-being.

 For these reasons, and to enlighten the world to these vital health principles, the International Chiropractors Association hereby declares the week of September 18th, the anniversary of the birth of chiropractic, to be further known as,


We at the ICA understand the powerful impact a clear, concise and specific message to the public can have on the awareness and understanding of chiropractic as a separate and distinct approach to health and health care. We are asking your participation and help to make this on-growing campaign as effective and far reaching as possible.

The good news is that over a million times every working day in the United States a patient receives a chiropractic adjustment. The bad news, and chiropractic’s challenge, is that there are hundreds of millions who do not enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care, ever. ICA’s goal is to bring information on what distinguishes and differentiates chiropractic from other approaches to health to the attention of the public. Our key difference, the service no other provider is trained, licensed or oriented to do, is the detection and adjustment of subluxations.

Your organization has the opportunity to lead the chiropractic profession in your region by spearheading this important public health education campaign. A wide range of materials have been prepared that will help your members reach the local media, other providers and individual consumers with a clear explanation of what subluxations are and why their correction is important to health and well-being. This is an effort that is long overdue and one in which every dedicated DC should participate. 

Attached are starter materials including a general press release and model letters to local officials that you can mobilize to help you promote this important effort. Additional information, including consumer information, is available on ICA’s website at In addition, ICA has proudly teamed up with Planet Chiropractic, one of chiropractic’s more innovative and high-quality Internet concerns, to promote a better public understanding of the subluxation. ICA invites you to visit the special website developed by Planet Chiropractic for this campaign at

Thank you for your attention to this important public education opportunity. If we do not tell the chiropractic story, who will?

Sincerely yours,
D.D. Humber, DC, FICA
ICA President