"Subluxation Awareness Week"

The officers and members of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) understand the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation on health and well-being. The officers and members of the ICA further understand the advantages and benefits of a life free of subluxation. These advantages include maximum potential in health, performance, human potential and social well-being. For these reasons, and to enlighten the world to these vital health principles, the International Chiropractors Association hereby declares the week of September 18th, the anniversary of the birth of chiropractic, to be further known as, “SUBLUXATION AWARENESS WEEK”

Voted unanimously August 1, 2001, ICA Board of Directors

The ICA asks all chiropractic organizations, societies, councils, colleges, and individual practitioners to join with us an help spread the message of good health through a subluxations free life with chiropractic care.  To help us in this effort we ask each of you to participate by sending letters to as wide a base of decision makers, legislators, news entities, and patients as possible.  We are asking for support and publicity in these efforts.

This grass roots effort can and will yield a heightened recognition of "Subluxation Awareness Week" and in the principles it stands for.  Every individual effort counts and helps. Please participate in whatever way you can.

Select a template letter below and modify as needed.  Then send the letter to the appropriate party.

Letter to local official. (Mayor, Council person)

Letter to State representative.

Letter to Governor of state.

Letter to Congressperson

Letter to US Senator

Letter to local newspaper

Open letter to community

Letter to TV Station

Letter to patients

Other Letters for Subluxation Awareness Week

Letter to State Chiropractic Organizations from ICA

Subluxation Awareness Week press release by ICA

Letter to all practicing Chiropractors from ICA


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