ICA Committees and Members


Budget Committee


This Committee shall supervise the financial affairs of the Association. It shall formulate and submit to the Board of Directors annually, for approval, a detailed budget for the ensuing fiscal year. It shall provide for an outside audit of the books of the Association not less than once each year. All Committees and/or departments shall upon request of the Budget Committee, submit a detailed statement of anticipated expenditures for such department or committee during the ensuing fiscal year. The Secretary/Treasurer shall chair this Committee.


The Budget Committee shall be required to structure expenditures to assure the continued functioning of the Association and its activities. The addition or deletion of Association activities at the expense of previously established programs are subject to Board approval. The Budget Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board of Directors approval of expenses incurred by officers of the Association as per Article XX of the Constitution, and by employees of the Association.



Committee on Chiropractic Postgraduate Education


This committee serves to coordinate and promote ICA's postgraduate and continuing education programs and serves as a liaison mechanism with ICA's Board of Directors. This Committee provides advice and oversight to ICA's postgraduate council system, establishes standards and procedures and recommends policy and procedure initiatives in this area to the Board.


The governing documents of each postgraduate council establish the terms of relationship between the council and ICA and the dues-paying members. The Committee serves as an oversight body to insure that all councils operate within their charters and that ICA's policies are complied with. Likewise, the Committee shall inform and advise the Board of Directors to maintain a sound relationship between the councils and the Association. The governing documents of each council comprise a contract between ICA and the dues paying members. Coordination of ICA Board and council activities is essential to insure the proper status of those contractual relationships at all times.


The Committee on Chiropractic Postgraduate Education is charged with maintaining the highest ethical and educational standards for all of ICA's programs and the promotion of ICA's council system throughout the profession as the standard in educational excellence. The Committee shall endeavor to obtain recognition for ICA's postgraduate credentials with states, other professional societies, health care certification agencies and facilities to maximize the value of those credentials for the member doctors who have achieved such status.


The Committee shall work to promote the programs and status of the respective councils and assist the councils in preparing informational materials, media stories and other outreach resources, and see that ICA's informational resources such as the Internet web site, ICA's publications, etc., are fully available to all councils.




Committee On Product Development And Sales


The function of this Committee is to study and help develop the widest possible range of products for sale by ICA. This Committee should continually be exploring new areas of possible sales and products for use by the profession and our patient base, consistent with ICA’s definitions, policies and values. The Committee shall examine products and publications currently on the market to determine if there are means by which ICA might also profitably sell such products, as well as explore the creation of new products using ICA’s creativity and resources.



Conventions Committee


This Committee shall supervise the planning of the Annual Convention and shall provide facilities and arrangements for meetings of the Association. The Executive Committee shall approve all Convention programs.



Committee on Information and Technology


This special committee is responsible for keeping ICA at the top level of new technology. This responsibility extends from the home office and its functional capacity, to the service of our members, to the technological advancements available in the information and communications area today. This includes the ICA’s Internet presence, and other areas of endeavor in the multimedia environment.


This Committee shall work to develop full e-mail and fax rosters for all ICA organizations, committees and membership. The Committee shall examine and recommend for general implementation new mass-outreach mechanisms for member and profession-wide communications, including e-mail broadcast technology, fax-broadcast and other means of effectively and cheaply putting ICA information and policies before the widest possible audience. The Committee shall work with the Committee of Chiropractic Practice Guidelines to distribute the each version of that document to the widest possible audience using innovative electronic means.


The Committee shall work to develop and implement a “MEMBERS ONLY” and SICA sections of ICA’s Internet website to enhance member services, and to work to develop new member information and service efforts in the communications, data management and information access areas. The Committee is also encouraged to continue the development of the ICA utility website and the expansion of Association utilization of this new medium for doing Association business, including committee communications, information sharing and reporting functions.


This committee is responsible for keeping ICA at the top level of new technology. This responsibility extends from the home office and its functional capacity, to the service of our members, to the technological advancements available in the communications area today. This includes the ICA's Internet presence, and other areas of endeavor in the multimedia environment. The Committee shall also coordinate pioneering efforts in e-communications with the Publications Committee in order to take maximum advantage of emerging technologies that will allow the Association to project its information worldwide electronically via e-magazines, postcards, etc.



International Affairs Committee


The International Affairs Committee is a special committee organized by the President to monitor the status and progress of the chiropractic profession around the world and to promote the values and mission of the ICA worldwide. This Committee is responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors on situations where ICA's intervention is requested or required to assist individual members or the chiropractic community of a particular country.


The International Affairs Committee is responsible for maintaining a positive liaison with chiropractic associations around the world and providing information to national and regional associations on ICA policies, principles and programs.


This Committee is responsible for encouraging international student attendance at ICA affiliated chiropractic colleges, and providing information and assistance to foreign nationals interested in pursuing a chiropractic education in the United States. The International Affairs Committee also works to translate chiropractic information into languages other than English.


The Committee is charged to develop a plan for greatly enhancing ICA's worldwide profile through publications, meetings and communications efforts. The Committee is urged to consider ways and means of supporting and improving ICA’s international conferences and for recommending possible additional programs to project ICA’s philosophy and operations with greater effectiveness outside North America. The goal of this committee is increased membership around the world supported by aggressive programs to assist the development of the chiropractic profession in all nations. The Committee shall work with the staff to develop appropriate membership promotional materials included country-specific applications, translated information and benefits to support international membership. Maximum use of the Internet and electronic communications is encouraged to provide for cost effective communications and promotional efforts.



Legal Affairs Committee


The Legal Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Association. This Committee shall supervise a Legal Department which shall pass on requests for any special legal expenditures or reimbursements in the interim between meetings of the Board of Directors provided, however, that any member or entity may appeal a negative decision of the Committee to the Board at its next regular meeting. The Committee may bring such matters before the Board for consideration. No one shall be appointed to the Legal Affairs Committee who is not a member of the Board. The Committee shall supervise and submit to the Board for consideration rules of ethical conduct which it deems proper for the guidance of the members of the Association and in the proper conduct of their practice; it shall act as a grievance committee and may, in its discretion, bring complaint for the expulsion of any member under the provisions of Article XXI of the Constitution.


The Committee shall supervise the accurate and current tabulation of licensure statistics, information and requirements, shall keep in close touch with licensing agencies; and make recommendations from time to time for the improvement of licensing procedures. The Committee shall supervise the review of the Constitution and By﷓Laws from time to time, and may recommend Amendments thereto.




Legislative Committee


The Legislative Committee is a standing committee of the International Chiropractors Association. This Committee shall supervise and direct the affairs of the Legislative Department subject to directive of the Board of Directors; shall formulate a program for proper recognition of Chiropractic in the Federal government of the United States; counsel and advise proponents of Chiropractic legislation in all other jurisdictions.



Political Action Committee:


Medicare Committee (Medicare & Insurance)


The Medicare Committee shall be proficient in all Medicare matters relating to chiropractors and chiropractic. The committee shall maintain liaison with Medicare officials for the purpose of assuring that patients and chiropractors receive all rights and privileges under the law.



Membership Committee


This Committee shall supervise membership promotion and conservation; it shall work in close cooperation with the Secretary﷓Treasurer of the Association. This Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and overseeing such programs, publications, informational campaigns and activities as will best educate and inform the chiropractic profession of the benefits of ICA membership, and work in every way possible to recruit and maintain ICA members.


The Membership Committee works with the President, Executive Committee, the Executive Director and the Membership Department to promote ICA principles, programs and benefits with the maximum amount of visibility, clarity and effectiveness. The Committee works with the ICA staff to develop the promotional and informational materials to best accomplish these tasks.



Policy and Definitions Committee


The Policy and Definitions Committee shall conduct an ongoing evaluation of the ICA Policy Handbook, ICA publication, and all policy matters that may affect chiropractic or the International Chiropractors Association. The position of ICA shall be reflected in policies and definitions adopted by the Board of Directors. It shall be the duty of the Policy and Definitions Committee to bring to the Board of Directors recommendations as to additions, corrections or changes in policy and definitions. The corporation counsel shall advise the Policy and Definitions Committee concerning legal issues which may arise in policy considerations.



Posture Committee (Technique and Posture)


The Posture Committee shall investigate, evaluate and adjudge posture programs, products, articles and devices coming to the attention of the Association or a Council of the Association for consideration. The Association counsel shall serve as advisor to the Posture Committee in those matters involving potential or current contractual Association relationships. No product endorsements shall be consummated without the approval of the Board of Directors.



Past Presidents:

Publications Committee


The Publications Committee works to assist in the development of quality publications, the preparation and distribution of timely, practical, ethical and well-researched information of use to ICA's membership, the profession at large and to the general public. The Committee shall work with the professional staff to secure these goals and shall maintain oversight of all publications. The committee shall monitor all ICA publications for factual accuracy, political direction and relevance to the membership.


Brian Flannery, DC, LCP, FICA, Chairperson
Jack K. VanDervort, DC, LCP, FICA
Wayne Zemelka, DC
Gerard Clum, DC, FICA


Public Relations Committee


This Committee shall supervise a Public Relations Department subject to the directives of the Board of Directors; shall formulate a Public Relations program designed to create a favorable public opinion of Chiropractic and of the Chiropractic profession; shall counsel and advise members of the Association on Public Relations problems.


The Committee shall supervise the judging of all advertising submitted for publication in the official publication of the Association. This Committee shall also supervise the editorial content of the Association's official publication, a make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any major changes in editorial policy or publication format.


The Committee shall supervise the printing and reprinting of salable literature and material for which the Association charges a fee. This Committee shall evaluate the sales potential of written brochure material prepared or submitted by other Association committees or the staff and if acceptable, will place the item on sale and publicize accordingly.



Student Affairs Committee


The mission of this vitally important body is to study and coordinate all on-campus activities relating to ICA and to serve as a liaison with the Student ICA Chapter Presidents and officers. Included in these activities will be the organization of an enhanced, consistent presence on college campuses of ICA speakers, programs and publications. This committee will recommend programs, policies and initiatives to ICA's Board of Directors, review dues and spending issues and seek to provide the international college student population with a strong, positive and relevant series of programs on ICA's behalf. The committee reviews requests for funding from student chapters for on-campus programs and events. This Committee shall also work with student chapter officers to identify and schedule speakers that have a special appeal to the SICA population and work to promote this service within the college communities.