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The International Chiropractors Association has designated the week of September 18th as "SUBLUXATION AWARENESS WEEK", in an effort to heighten public awareness of the important role the spine plays in human health. "Vertebral subluxation" is a specific deviation or abnormality of the structures of the spine that impacts the function of the nervous system. Because of pressure on the spinal nerve roots as they exit the bones in the spine, neurological functions can be seriously interrupted or impaired with potentially serious health consequences.

In announcing this new public health educational effort, The Board of Directors of the ICA issued the following proclamation:

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The officers and members of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) understand the devastating effects of vertebral subluxation on health and well-being.

The officers and members of the ICA further understand the advantages and benefits of a life free of subluxation. These advantages include maximum potential in health, performance, human potential and social well-being.

For these reasons, and to enlighten the world to these vital health principles, the International Chiropractors Association hereby declares the week of September 18th, the anniversary of the birth of chiropractic, to be further known as,


"Subluxation" is a unique health concept brought to the health care system by the chiropractic profession, based on the chiropractic analysis of human anatomy and the relationship between the structures of the spine and how problems in those structures, primarily the vertebrae and supporting tissues, impact human health. Researched and explored for over 100 years, subluxation correction has been recognized in state and federal law as a unique chiropractic service. More than one million patients each working day in the United States alone see doctors of chiropractic who analyze their spinal status and correct subluxations found to be present by chiropractic adjustments.

"The nervous system is the mechanism through which all systems of the body coordinate and regulate themselves," said ICA President, Dr. D.D. Humber "Interruptions to and interference with the flow of information because of pressure on key nerve centers in the spine means that the body's ability to maintain good health is compromised. Only the doctor of chiropractic is trained and equipped to detect and correct those subluxations."

Chiropractic's significant contribution to human health, from basic health and wellness to optimal athletic performance, is being increasingly recognized around the world. A growing body of scientific and clinical research continues to demonstrate the positive, powerful impact chiropractic adjustments of subluxations have on a wide range of health conditions. Normal spinal alignment is essential to proper growth and development, and to maximum human performance.

Vertebral subluxation can be present in persons of all ages and doctors of chiropractic are trained and authorized by the laws of all 50 states in the US and many nations around the world to care for the spinal health needs of all people, regardless of age. "In this age of tremendous stress, where tens of millions of people work day in and day out sitting in front of computers or in other high-pressure and injury-prone work settings, spinal stress has become a major factor on health and performance" said Dr. Humber. "The chiropractic adjustment is a natural, drug-free way to enhance health and the quality of life because only the chiropractic adjustment can correct the vertebral subluxation."

The week of September 18th was chosen to celebrate Subluxation Awareness Week in honor of September 18, 1895, a date that is celebrated internationally as the landmark date of the "first chiropractic adjustment", where founder Dr. Daniel David Palmer administered a specific adjustment to the spine of Mr. Harvey Lillard, an individual in Dr. Palmer's community suffering from complete hearing loss, who had his hearing restored following this first chiropractic subluxation correction. This vital milestone is recognized in chiropractic institutions as "Founder's Day" and it also celebrates the significance of this first adjustment's effects on the whole-body repercussions potentially inherent in spinal misalignment

"Subluxation is a health issue every consumer should know about, for their own well-being and for the health and well-being of their families.", Dr. Humber said. For more information on subluxation and chiropractic visit the world wide web at .