May, 2000

Dear ICA Assembly Representative,

It is with great joy that I introduce this new Millennium Edition of the ICA Representative Assembly Handbook! It has taken almost a full year to produce through the efforts of many people, who are committed to making the responsibility of being an Assembly Representative an integral and formative part of the ICA. If we are to maintain our position as the caretaker of chiropractic for the next century, then we need common goals and guidelines.

This Handbook is part of a process that will never be completed. Like our organization, it is a living, changing entity. Within these pages are the tools for creating and building a position of influence and character that represents the International Chiropractors Association in your state or province. The organizational formats and templates are here, along with the expectations and responsibilities for their proper and effective use. Please add this to your arsenal of ICA tools and remember that the contents of this manual can only be maximally productive if used properly. These are guidelines that, in combination with your individual input on correspondence and activity, will be effective and efficient resources. Use this Handbook to share the benefits of being and ICA chiropractor! Use this information to support and empower your work for ICA and chiropractic! Use these tips and guidelines to have fun and streamline the time necessary to produce the greatest results!

The Millennium Edition of the ICA Handbook will raise the level of expectations for everyone serving on the ICA Representative Assembly. It will coordinate our efforts and allow us to act as an organizational body. This Handbook is part of a great ICA legacy and belongs to all of us; it is now up to each of us to utilize it in the most effective and powerful fashion, as member of a cohesive and dedicated team.

Special thanks go to those who gave of their time in contributing to the production of this book, including Dr.'s Mullen, Lichter, Heskett, Oberstein, Robinson, Walsemann, McLean, Hirsh and Ballard. Their thoughtful efforts are greatly appreciated. The ICA Home Office has also dedicated special effort and energy to this project and special thanks go to Dr. Coralee Van Egmond, ICA's Director of Professional Development.

I eagerly look forward to this Handbook helping us with maintaining the ICA at the forefront of the Chiropractic profession.

For the ICA,

Elliot P. Foster, DC, FICA